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Three Point Search Supports Job Seekers

  • No Fees

    Three Point Search will find you a great job for free! The companies we recruit for pay us a fee to fill their open positions, so it won't cost you a thing. There is nothing stopping you from receiving our help today! Fill out your application in the link below.

  • Competitive Pay

    We know the job markets and the value of your skills. We won't place you in a position that doesn't compensate you well for your hard work and abilities. 

  • Benefits

    Three Point Search recruits for long term, stable positions you won't ever want to leave. This means full benefits, competitive pay, and great work environments. We offer benefits after a short waiting period directly through our company!

  • Personal Approach

    We are a team of real people with your best interests at heart. You aren't a number in some system - you are a human being we want to build a relationship with and watch as you succeed.

Three Point Search Supports Employers

  • Cost Effective

    Three Point Search is not going to nickel and dime you. Save hundreds of your own man hours and let the professionals at Three Point Search handle your recruiting efforts. We promise to maximize your budget and deliver dedicated candidates to meet your position needs.

  • Hire Fast

    All we do all day every day is recruit. You could say we've gotten pretty good at it. We guarantee we can deliver results faster than your internal team. Our existing and new connections with talent are vetted and specifically matched just for your business needs!

  • Customer-Centric

    Three Point Search exists to service you. The focus will always be on delivering exactly what you need. We stay in close contact and report regularly on the latest updates and candidate communications.

  • Custom Solutions

    We aren't going to send a bunch of unqualified time-wasters your way. We work closely with you to understand the position and your vision for the role and then find you ideal candidates. 

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