Surviving 2020 and Rallying 2021


We are 4 years old, and we are growing! Everyone knows great things take time…

What was 2020 like, how we survived, and what our 2021 plans have been?

2020 for us was a ‘Survival of the fittest’ contest. We rallied and survived it! As a small firm in a big city, seeing our clients (not all) go through furloughs and lay-offs and unemployment rates hitting record highs. We needed to take a breath, reset, and evaluate our goals. We had to run extremely lean while striving to stay motivated, focused on the positives and began to be more intentional about our days.

And…It paid off! We did not just survive because of our hard work and unity as a team but we survived as a business because of our loyal clients that we are proud to serve. We want to pause and give them gratitude for trusting us to find the best candidates in a very tough market.

As 2020 ended for Three Point Search, we decided to choose a word that would be a long-term goal and something to look forward to, hopefully, sooner rather than later. GROWTH! We wanted to grow our team, and we did! In May of 2021 we added a new member, and in August of 2021 we hired TWO more! We thought we were done for the year but we recently added another team member that will start a new division for us. I would say we not only reached our goal, but we exceeded it! We not only grew our company but we each grew personally during this time. Our priorities have shifted. We are learning to work smarter together so we can truly focus on what matters. 


2021 has been such a whirlwind in the recruiting world! We went from trying to recover from 2020 to the whole world being understaffed in 2021. We were drowning in job orders while trying to navigate through some very interesting challenges. Any way you slice it, we have heard and seen it ALL!

Despite having to navigate through the new challenges, we have done exactly what we set out to do. We fought through it and filled over 130 Job openings with our clients in 2021. We organically added new clients to the mix and expanded to 5 new states!

Building relationships as we go and staying true to our company goal of growing! 2021 shaped up to be a great year… and there is still more to come! Stay tuned for 2022 recruiting goals and how we are changing the recruiting game one step at a time!

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